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The best manual coffeemaker

Aeropress Coffeemaker - brew coffee with hot water and a manual device

Okay the packaging contains all kinds of hyperbole - but this is actually a really useful device. It makes good coffee. Not as good as the one I typically make (one cup at a time, with freshly ground beans, using several paper filters, and strongly boiling water from my HotShot dumped onto the coffee grinds), but close.

I wish I would’ve had this when I took my cross-country trip! So often you might have access to boiling water and quality ground beans, but not a great way to turn this into coffee. For this, the AeroPress is perfect! I like how compact it is, especially.

Brief coffee snob rant: Most people in America don’t understand that the secret to delicious coffee is to only briefly expose the coffee grinds to the water. Drip coffeemakers slowly filter water through grinds over the course of many minutes, causing all the bitterness to seep into your cup. (Have you ever tried using the same ground twice? See how horrible that second cup tastes? So why makes this into a strategy for brewing coffee?)

Oh and if you’re already picky with your coffee, I don’t recommend watching this TEDx talk. You’ll be seriously tempted to roast your own coffee, or at a minimum never to stock up on coffee again, but to buy it as freshly from the store as possible.


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