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Binge-watch-worthy shows for cord cutters - “Outlander”

I gave “Showtime” on Amazon Instant a try, and as part of this got to watch the first season of “Outlander”, a show with an intriguing concept. (“While on her honeymoon, WWII combat nurse Claire Randall is mysteriously transported back to 1743 Scotland, where she is kidnapped by a group of Highlanders - and meets an injured young man named Jamie.”)

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Cutting the cord - plus, my “Nurse Jackie” review

So in March Verizon FIOS stuck me with a mega-bill after all my free goodies and discounts of my contract suddenly expired. I called them immediately. (Sadly, that’s what you have to do if you are an existing customer… if you want discounts, you have to pick up the phone, wait in line, then haggle.)

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