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Novamin toothpaste - plus some thoughts on dentists and tooth care

So I read up on Novamin toothpaste and started buying my Sensodyne toothpaste on ebay from the U.K. or Hong Kong a couple years ago.

For reasons I could not figure out by googling, NovaMin (an ingredient that has been lauded for remineralizing enamel) has been discontinued in the U.S. However, in foreign countries this incredient is still used and advertised.

Not sure if it’s related or not, but I haven’t had a new cavity since I started using Novamin toothpaste.

Other toothcare stuff I discovered over the years:

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Rio Car Wash - the best in Richmond

So I treated my car to a $3 car wash today, to get rid of the last traces of winter grime.  Of course, I went to Rio car wash on Midlothian Turnpike.  Ah yiss, a real car wash where your car still gets slapped around by those big foam thingies and passes through gigantic mega-brushes! None of that “gentle touch” nonsense. Feels really clean That sign at the exit says “Warning - Police will ticket loud music! Read more →

TV broke. Some thoughts about product protection plans…

So the picture on my seven-month-old Sharp Aquos gave out last week. A few times I could still get it to kick in by waiting for 10+ minutes and/or tapping lightly on the frame, but now it’s completely gone.  Fortunately, I had kept my old 32" Vizio around. Five years old, it went through several moves, temporary placement in storage and attics, video game playing marathon sessions in my son’s room, etc. Read more →

The Donald Trump of Hoarding

That last episode of “Hoarders” made me cry a bit. I think it was the most touching episode I’ve seen on the show so far. I can’t quite put my finger on what made it so much more affecting than all the other ones. Part of it was probably that the guy seemed completely emotionally dead inside. Usually the hoarders are quite zany and opinionated and argue passionately about keeping all their stuff. Read more →

Spring is just around the corner…

We’ll have another couple freezing nights this week, but spring is just around the corner. If you look closely at local trees, you see they already have a million of little buds on them. Just a few weeks, and there will be an explosion of green. Pretty amazing. Read more →

Fresh To Frozen’ - Checking out the grocery salvage store on Midlothian Turnpike

I caught a news section about “Fresh to Frozen” on TV recently and decided to check it out. Seems that selling food past its expiration date is an up-and-coming business model that even the ex-president of Trader Joe’s is pursuing now. I had driven many times past that store on Midlothian Turnpike, but never thought about stepping in. I figured it was probably full of dinged-up food cans, black bananas, and off-name brands. Read more →